Direct restorations

Direct restoratons are made with the use of contemporary composite material in such a way that treated teeth  approach in form,colour and fuction to the natural teeth.This can be done only by a highly qualified dentist who has perfect knowledge of the anatomical features of every tooth.

This kind of restoration allows us to treat caries,to reconstruct fractured teeth,to improve the colour in discoloured teeth,to correct discrepancy in the form and position of teeth and also to close existing diastema.Abrasion is another problem that can be solved with the help of composite material.

The advantages of the method are minimal loss of tooth structure and healthier approach to the gum and bone that surround the tooth compared to the traditional ortopedic treatment.

The material we use is as durable as natural teeth and long lasting colour.Important advantage is the opportunity to make corrections easily in a single appointment.

All restorations in our studio are made after anesthesia and with the usage of a rubber dam,which isolates the teeth we work on.This provides high comfort for the patient and it ismajor condition for the quality anddurability of the restorations.

Endodontic(root canal) treatment

 The healthy status of the tooth pulp is main condition for the long life of your restorations.If caries affects the tooth pulp endodontic treatment  is necessary.

We use the achievements of the contemporary technologies-apexlocators for exact measurement of the canal  length,machine rotary files,and digital X-ray.

The success of the endodontic treatment  depends on the number of microbes in the root canal system.Our goal is to eliminate as much of them as possible. Human saliva is rich of all kinds of microbes.In order to prevent penetration of new microorganisms in the canal system of the tooth we always use a rubber dam for isolation.At the same time this protects  soft tissues from the aggressive medical solutions.


Oral health depends on the gum condition.Inflammatory process in the gums leads to bone destruction and loss of teeth in the subsequent stage.Red and bleeding gums are alarming symptoms of  problem and it is necessary to visit the dental office.The regular visits for cleaning the calculus and professional tooth polishing keep your gums healthy.The good status of oral hygiene is a guarantee for the long life of your restorations.

Tooth whitening

Our studio offers single-visit tooth whitening procedure with the whitening system Beyond,USA.The procedure is fast,painless and safe for tooth enamel.

For those of our patients who prefer the comfort of thehome systems for tooth whitening we offer  products of leading companies in that field.

Proffesional cleaning and polishing of your teeth before whitening is necessary to gain the maximum result.